Zach's Outrage is the calamity that took place on February 22nd, 2011.

Concise Edit

Rebecca Abernathy, a recently-introduced character at the time, mistook Shima's Zach's swirly eyes and features for drug abuse, and whacked him on the head with her 17-Pound Trout. Shima's Zach retaliates with a slash with his bamboo sword, severing the trout in half. Zach then threatens to hurt her. Rebecca said she was merely trying to provide comic relief; Zach and his friends deny this fact and continue threatening her. As Rebecca went inside her house to try to find weapons to repay the damage caused to her trout, Zach transformed into his demon form and claimed invincibility, threatening her to never threaten somebody with the trout again. Alden, Rebecca's boyfriend, comes onto the scene and notices this calamity. He asks Rebecca what happened; Rebecca states it but Zach's friends continue to deny all the facts and claim that the reason he slashed the trout was because she had whacked him on the head. Zach's friends tire of the consistent argument and retreat, but not before stabbing Rebecca with a needle for no apparent reason other than pure rage.

Why is this moment marked as "epic fail?" Edit

  • Nearly ruined a character. Rebecca is known for her sarcastic humor and her signature trout, both of which Fallen's characters threatened to tear apart.
  • Involves unnecessary godmoding.
  • Involves concepts that point immaturity towards a user's characters, all of which the user denied.
    • The user himself also showed immaturity by not being able to take a joke.

Penalties Edit

  • Fallen receives two warnings for once again trying to godmode, this time very unnecessarily, and releasing anger on the IRC. Characters also threatened to destroy a guest's niche.

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