Anyone want to go against me?(Wolverines123)

-I will go against you. You move first. 13:40, October 1, 2009 (UTC)

I block all light and strike you several times in the Solar Plexus. Oh yeah and it is still dark so you can't see me. even with a light source.

M-NUva creates a barrier around him out off wind that will repel anything that tries to get in.

Wolverines123 creates a vacuum so there is no wind and throws a shuriken star with deadly accuracy at M-NUva's center of power.

-Fool..I know martial arts. M-NUva easily catches the star and hurls it back at Wolverines123.

The star cuts open M-NUva's hand but he does not feel it until after he throws it. Meanwhile I split Myself into several thousand identical clones that are the same down to the molecule, but if you hurt one of them not all of them get hurt. Every one of us attacks you with a barrage of unseen swords, knives, and axes.

-M-NUva chuckles when he sees what is happening. "I have never fought as hard as I could. Not against anyone. Don't think winning will be so easy. M-NUva disappears and confuses all of the clones. One by one the clones disappear.

Wolverines123 laughs out loud. He is behind M-NUva, he only knows where he is by finding where a strong force of wind energy, and he thrusts a sword through his chest so fast it doesn't hurt until a second later. so M-NUva doesn't notice it until then.

-M-NUva chuckles. "I am not using the wind...something else." More clones disappear.

You fool the wind is inside you, you dont even know the extent of your own power is practically oozes from you.

Uh Yeah Are You Going To Move yet you little son of a dog don't know me....M-Nuva rushes to Wolverines and, before he makes he has any time to react, hits him in the face and disappears.

M-Nuva uses his untapped ice powers and freezes Wolverines. M-Nuva then walks up to him and punches the ice, causing him to shatter into hundreds of pieces.

"I win."

-End battle between M-NUva and Wolverines.-