WTF Boom Cannon
Wtf boom cannon


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Basic Attack: 80(Icon - Fire), 30(Icon - Direct); 3-turn cooldown, 1-turn recharge
Conservative Attack: 15(Icon - FireIcon - Direct), 2 hits

Other stats

Accuracy: -1/10
Speed: -3/10

This is one of Red Suplexknight's signature weapons.

Overview Edit

The WTF Boom Cannon will make you go WTF. 110 damage is insane, point blank. It's no wonder why Blissey always spams it; it's just such an amazing weapon. The recharge and cooldown may draw it back too much at times, so the conservative attack is always a nice second option that does a solid 60 damage for two hits.

As much as this weapon handles damage, it doesn't handle versatility. Burrow and Sink completely block this ability, and the weapon's attack is pretty slow and inaccurate, so the user's attack speed and accuracy will go down a few notches when attacking with this weapon. It's also pricey, sitting comfortably above the 9000!!!!!' price tag. As much as this weapon is terrible when factoring in speed, accuracy, and versatility, it's still a threat to watch out for in the BL and OU tiers.