Void Infusion
Void Infusion










As a Shielding Technique: 100%(Block - DarkBlock - Light); 5-turn cooldown
As a Support Technique: #1 - Eliminates all stat changes from opponent; 5-turn cooldown
#2 - Adds 1(Icon - Dark) to any move; 2-turn cooldown (it is added before any other calculations take place)

Variations of Void Infusion


Overview Edit

Old Overview Edit

At a glance, this skill is entirely predictable and useless. Although it seems to only block elements that most shields already cover, has a seemingly useless effect by adding a single base dark power to anything, and a support option that does nothing as nobody raises their stats, it has its use. One of the only other skills that blocks dark and light is Sink, which is strictly confined to former TRGS players only. Any other skill that blocks both dark and light does not do 100% / cannot be used for an entire battle. Although the cooldown may be a disappointment at first, it's not much of an issue when you block two very common element types.

Its other skills seem useless; one use of the first support option, however, can ruin a person that is trying to set up. While those people may be few and far between, it should not be underestimated at any point. The second support option apples the base power before the damage calculation, meaning that STAB and attack level will be calculated after; this can make a large difference. Overall, while unorthodox (and expensive, to say the least,) Void Infusion is a very good skill that shouldn't be underestimated, even if it is situational.

Effect Edit

DarkIC Big

Void Infusion StatusIC - 180 second cooldown

  • PASSIVE: The user emits a constant dark mist, decreasing the efficiency of buffs by 50%. This effect is not applied during cooldown.
  • ACTIVE: The user's next attack will deal an additional 40 DarkIC Big damage. Additionally, the user is protected from all PsychicIC Big, ElectricIC Big, GhostIC Big, and DarkIC Big attacks for 10 seconds.