Gender Female
Theme Puppet Zelda
Affiliation Evil
Partner Zant, Onox
Primary Skill
Powers Inspired By Legend of Zelda

"You can't trust anyone with me around."

Veran, known as the Sorceress of Shadows, is a powerful sorceress who has the ability to possess anyone she chooses.

Advanced TechniquesEdit

DarkIC Big

Soul Possession - 3600 second cooldown

  • Active - Veran possess the soul of any opponent. The possessed's special attack and special defense are increased by 30. Veran can only be expelled if the opponent is defeated. During possession, Veran will appear as an aura around the possessed. She is able to cast advanced techniques and use basic techniques to stop attacking opponents. All damage scaling is based on the possessed's special attack.

Bloodthirst - 20 second cooldown

  • Passive - The possessed's life steal and spell vamp is increased by 2%
  • Active - The possessed's next attack will regenerate health equal to 25% of the damage done.

Mind's Ruin - 7 second cooldown

  • Active - Veran infects the mind of an opponent, dealing 135 base special damage over the course of 4 seconds.

Silent Fight - 10 second cooldown

  • Active - Veran silences an opponent for 3 seconds.

Soul's Disruption - 20 second cooldown

  • Active - Veran stuns an opponent for 3 seconds.

Toxic Gas - 45 second cooldown

  • Active - Veran creates a toxic gas that blinds an enemy for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds have passed, they will be poisoned.

FireIC Big

Flaming Darkness - 10 second cooldown

  • Active- Veran launches a fireball that deals 120 base special damage.

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