Event description: Insanity! Everyone tries to attack each other!

  • This is an EvE arena. Everyone may attack each other.
  • If the fight has not started, no one may strike an attack.
  • Evasion clause is on; no holograms or artificial images may be used, nor moves like Double Team and Minimize.
  • Obviously, no cheating and no godmoding. If I catch you doing that, you will be banned.
  • Strict damage clause is on; you cannot do 999999999 damage or something like that.
  • Any banned weapons don't apply here.

Violation of the rules will result in disqualification and a three-day ban.


  • Flandre
  • Umbreon
  • HeadphonesYoshi / Kenneth
  • Starman

Illegal actions

  • You may not unleash an attack, switch to Busy/Away, unleash another attack and immediately switch back. This will give you an utter advantage.
  • Moves that make "everyone die" or involve the arena/world being blown up may not be used.
  • You may not suck somebody else's blood.
  • You may not alter the gravity of the arena.
  • You may not mass-generate items or generate 2,000 Smash Balls/Assist Trophies/etc. This tells you how many of each item you may generate.
  • Evasion moves (see above). However, you may dodge, but you may not take advantage of that and say that everything misses except your attacks. &_&

These rules are to go into full effect. Any violation of the rules needs to be reported, and the post will be edited by the poster as soon as possible to maintain a fair game. If the poster defies authority, he/she will be banned from this battle and from the wiki for three days.



Depends on place.


Umbreon's weapons

Starman's weapons

More to come soon.