This event has been reported to be unbalanced and will be checked for it on March 26th or whenever the inspector comes on.

"Heh heh heh heh... I'll be waiting..." This battle will commence tomorrow so until then... be prepared for the worst!

The rules are to basically last five days with Mark trying to kill you. If you lose all you points you'll be considered dead. Everyone starts off with 1000 points. These'll go down whenever Mark gets his demonic blood-stained claws on you. As his own presense summons storms you might also get struck by lightning which'll also subtract from your current total. Weapons are not permitted but special skills are. If the no weapons rule is broken then you shall lose all of your points and have Mark slash you into pieces with his claws to signify that you are disqualified. THIS MEANS YOU TOO FLANDRE! Do not be afraid to try to attack him though.

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