This will be event match 4. A new super-villain, named Mafiya Man, is going to kill 3 leaders sometime between April 1st, 2010, and April 5th, 2010. This event has been extended to April 8th, due to a late start. The goal is to either

  1. Keep at least one leader alive at the end of the event
  2. Defeat Mafiya Man
  3. Eat enough nachos to break a world record


  • No holograms or artificial images, dodging kept to a minimum
  • No finishers
  • No blowing up Mafiya Man in less than 20 attacks (Drasocon will judge that)
  • You have 10000 points. When they are all gone, so are you.
  • No healing
  • No blood-sucking.
  • Use whatever items you want.
  • If you catch the swine flu, then you are instantly disqualified, no questions asked.

500 points for anyone alive when a goal is reached


100 points for anyone still alive when all 3 leaders die.

The Leaders:

Cap Ten Hook, Professional Counter and Pirate King (but be hush hush about it) Points: 10000 Location: Pirate Ship in Bermuda Pentagon

Mick E. Mouse, AMEX CEO Points: 1500 Location: House of Mouse

Real Goode Puns, Head of Comedian Union Board Points: 1000 Location: Comedy Club in Azeroth

The leaders will die when they run out of points. Good Luck!

Mafiya Man's Weapons

Special Weapon: Big Bang Universal Super Rifle

Umbreon's weapons of choice

Special Weapon: Pea Blaster 2000

Starman's weapons of choice

Flandre's weapons of choice