Ultimate Dramon Armor




10,000 BP




Depends on upgrades


Any weapon can be attached to this armor, and will gain 1 fire damage, as well as whatever damage it would already do.

Defends Against

All fire, besides Dramon fire, and the Ultimate Flamethrower, which it halves. It also blocks 25 melee damage at a time.

Ultimate Dramon Armor is an armor made by Dramons for non-Dramons. It is very expensive, but worthwhile for anyone who needs protection from fire. The armor also comes with wings, but these CANNOT be used if ANY weapon/upgrade slot is filled, making them basically for show. The only fire damage that can get through this armor is weapons loaded with Dramon Fire or HALF the usual damage of the Flamethrower (Ultimate), if it is not loaded with Dramon Fire.


This armor does no damage by itself, but it has 4 slots for weapons that can be attached to it. All weapons can be attached to it, except the Shoop Da Whoop Cannon.


WHEN USED FOR DAMAGE: Depends on upgrades and modifications.

FOR DEFENSE: The Fire and Ice Sword, as it would still do damage, loading your fire weapons with Dramon Fire, or the Ultimate version Flamethrower.

Methods of ObtainmentEdit


Drasocon's Weapon Vault

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