Race Human
Age 19
Gender Male
Theme Unknown
Affiliation Neutral
Occupation Bounty hunter
Primary Skill
Tier Unplaced

UltimateKirbyfan is a guy who is best known for being one of the few bounty hunters on Wiki4Battles but is more known since he is the weakest of all the battlers here. He does not have a tier placement yet.

Physical Appearance Edit

He has black colored hair and tends to wear a t-shirt as well as black pants as if symbolizing Yin and Yang. His eyes are pitch black.

History Edit

He was born into an opulent family by the name of Tyler Metaluit. He was extremely loved by his family who took so much time out of their lives to make sure that he was safe.

When he was about 6 his parents were brutally murdered by a psychotic cat human who had a bit of a bloodlust. However he was spared by the human not wanting to waste his time on the little boy. The human however did not count on the boy getting help from an unknown demonic angel.

It was after that point that he became obsessed with giving criminals the justice they deserved. So he decided to become a law enforcer.. but he wound up being fired the first day on the job. Looking for work he decided to become an intergalactic bounty hunter after discovering that he could turn clouds into weapons.

It is currently unknown what he's done so far after that decision.

Special Abilities Edit

Cloud Manipulation This is the ONLY ability he possesses and isn't a very great one at that. Ultimate is able to turn a cloud in the sky into any weapon he desires.

Trivia Edit

  • He is considered the weakest of all of User:Thefallenangel407's characters.
    • He is also considered the weakest of all the characters on this wiki by his author, second only to the GEICO Advertiser.

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