The User Battle Force's Bases are areas where the User Battle Force hangs out, relaxes, or plans a foil to the current villainous team.

Plot Edit

The Capitol's Revenge Arc Edit

There were no bases.

Neo Ghouls Arc Edit

The main base in the Neo Ghouls Arc is Talia's House. Although negatively regarded at first, it soon became a centerpiece in the arc, and many events take place near the house.

Mysteries Arc Edit

There were no bases.

Dormin Arc Edit

There were no bases.

Game of Destiny Arc Edit

There were no bases.

Fantasma Arc Edit

There arguably weren't any bases in the Fantasma Arc; Rebecca's House and Autumn's Mansion are the only locations remotely representing a rest area that appear in this arc.

Second Deadly Alliance Arc Edit

The main base in the Second Deadly Alliance Arc was Autumn's Mansion. The mansion features a waterbed, many floors with tons of entertainment, and a training ground on the top floor, making it literally a utopian building.

Throwback Arc Edit

There arguably aren't any bases in the Throwback Arc with the Neo User Battle Force having no allies with houses to stay in.

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