Tongue Blade
Tounge Sword
"Lightweight and portable, the Tongue Blade is an expert choice for battlers. It has been passed down from generation to generation by Yoshis."




Yoshi's Island / Original


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Overview Edit

No battler would be complete without a good sword. This sword, the Tongue Blade, does high amounts of earth, air, and direct damage. Normally, a sword or blade would fear Sink or related techniques as most blades do fire, darkness, or light damage - this blade is the contrary, doing earth and air damage, two of the three elements that Sink does not block. Since the direct damage isn't plentiful, Sink will be rendered useless.

Counters to this weapon include the Duo-Earth Shovel, E&A Shield, and Burrow. The Shovel reflects the earth in this blade back at the user at double the force. The E&A Shield neutralizes 83% of this weapon's attack. Burrow neutralizes everything but is rare in W4B areas.

Specials, Supers, and Hypers Edit

Specials Edit

Basic Sword Techniques

Earth Sword Techniques

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Level 1 Basic

Level 2 Basic

Level 1 Earth

Level 2 Earth

Level 1 Air

Level 2 Air

Level 1 Exclusive

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Hypers Edit

Level 3 Basic

Level 3 Earth

Level 3 Air

Level 3 Exclusive

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Buy from Starman's MUB Weapon Store.