Pilot Arc Edit

2016 Edit

July Edit

  • The rising action kicks in as the Saline Soldiers form. Five leaders, quite weak and hoping to gain more and more power through any use, gather together and vow to bring an end to all good.

December Edit

  • The Salines conduct their first experiments on dimension tampering. They manage to connect with an alternate universe, where everyone is genderbent, and weaken the barrier gradually.
  • John, Rose, and Dave are amongst the first to witness this, chatting casually online when they suddenly met Joan, Ross, and Dawn, who were placed into their chatroom without warning. While confused at first, they managed to all get on decent terms, but not before realizing that if they were to meet each other in real life, the ones from the stronger dimension would have to kill or capture the ones from the weaker one.
  • The "merge" occurred overnight, but it was actually the Salines pulling the selected people out of their dimension, tampering it and eventually causing it to decay. Unfortunately, this wasn't perfected and the kids were instead sent to the homes of their counterparts. Each and every one of the genderbent Beta kids was captured on the same day. To ease their dismay at this, the canon Beta kids set up a movie, Inception, and noted that its fear factor was nothing like Sburb's.
  • Notably, Inception's plot involves the manipulation and significance of dreams- this is a major plot element in Homestuck.
  • A few days later, over the internet, the former User Battle Force as well as various others, including the Homestuck kids, counted down to and celebrated the new year. It was, uncharacteristically, a very melancholic New Year's countdown- this foreshadows what is to happen later.


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