Tim Martin
Race Human
Gender Male
Height Around 3"
Theme Main Theme (Spelunker) (link)
Affiliation Neutral
Primary Skill
Abilities Able to sense animate objects from far away.

Tim Martin, also known as Spelunker, is an extremely smart spelunker. He likes to learn about new things.

Physical Appearance Edit

Tim is short, around as short as a kid. He wears blue overalls with a red shirt under it, much like Mario. He also wears a bag containing all his stuff. His eyes as well as his hair is blue. He is, however, very weak physically.


Tim has no skills. To compensate, he makes things by himself.


Tim can make virtually anything from virtually anything. Here's a list of things he already has:

A simple but powerful bomb. It's fast, so once it's set, you'd better run for your life.

The Flare works like a Chaff Grenade, but it's shot by a special-made gun and not only temporarily disables any electronics devices in the area, but does the same with magic and other forms of special energy, including danmaku and chakra.
Once shot, it'll explode (with a 0.00000092% chance of failing to do so) and release its chaff-like contents in a pretty large area.

Phantom Blaster
Some kind of gun that shoots during two seconds and takes the energy out of any living being as well as ghosts/spirits in front of it. Tim cannot walk during those two seconds but he can change the direction he's pointing, and he can't constantly use it as it takes some time to get its energy back.
The Phantom Blaster can not be used when the Flare's effect is still here.
It's range is like this:

Tim's Railgun is an electromagnetic gun that uses a large electrical current. His Railgun has the size of an handgun and has been powered down, since Tim is pretty weak. Since he's so weak, he can't use it too often.
The Railgun, even though it's small size and the fact that it is powered down, is very powerful and can easily shoot through a wall.
However, like the Phantom Blaster, the Railgun can't be used when the Flare's effect is still here.

Tim also uses a compact .54 handgun, since most of his weapons are negated by his Flare. And unlike most of his weapons, this one don't have any drawbacks for him, since he learned how to properly use it.

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