"Fine, then! If no one will accept me as a hero, then I will no longer walk among them as one!"
Thunder Blast Man

Thunder Blast Man
Race Robot
Age 20 (intellect-wise)
15 (appearance-wise)
Gender Male
Affiliation Evil (formerly Good)
Time Period Legacy of the User Battle Force (2015)
Primary Skill
IRC Nickname ThunderBlastMan, TBM

Thunder Blast Man is a robot that has turned to evil after being rejected as a hero.


Thunder Blast Man, as a hero, has defeated robots and saved an entire town, known as Gadem City, from an organization known as the Paulung-Tang. Other heroes said it was a typical thing, though. Some even went as far as calling Thunder Blast Man a Mega Man ripoff with a boomerang. Having heard about this, Thunder Blast Man disappeared without a trace, never to be seen again.

A few years later, Thunder Blast Man still remembers the discomfort of not being accepted as a hero. While he was walking along the cliffs of an abandoned facility, he found someone who was not at all familiar to him. This person had heard about Thunder Blast Man's rejectment, and asked him to join the side of evil.

Thunder Blast Man, with revenge on his mind, hastefully accepted.

Role in Legacy of the User Battle ForceEdit

Uncharted World ArcEdit

Sometime after Starman, Talia, and Eria, among others, were sent to investigate the new planet, Cisaderes sent Thunder Blast Man to investigate as well, sneaking onto the planet undetected. He analyzed the heroes' efforts against the League of Legends, gaining enjoyment as the heroes continuously failed against them. He was not revealed to be evil until after the heroes' sentence had gone through, after which Cisaderes had broken into the courthouse.

Much later in the arc, Thunder Blast Man appears on Chernobyl, appearing alongside Cisaderes, President Snow, Lord Kass, and the leader of the Fantasmas. He ends up escaping after being defeated in the battle.

Clash of Worlds ArcEdit

Thunder Blast Man, still allied with the villains, battles the heroes alongside Nocturne, once again retreating after his defeat.

Much later in the arc, Thunder Blast Man appears once again after the heroes were captured after their defeat. After Shao Kahn was defeated, he appeared to try and finish the heroes once and for all, before being interrupted by a familiar person he knew. The person convinced Thunder Blast Man to stop his evil doings for good. Thunder Blast Man was then captured and detained by the heroes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Base StatsEdit

Base stats for this character have not yet been fully calculated.

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