The Throwback Arc is the eighth arc of events to take place at User Battle Wiki and the seventh to take place at the User Battle Wiki IRC. This arc forces players to make a fresh start with new characters as most old ones will be completely off-limits until after the end of the Hell Arc, thus its name (Throwback Arc.) This arc will also feature past villains rising from their defeat and returning for revenge.

Story Edit

The last of our fighting crew had been defeated...

Shao Kahn shook his head at the devastation of the attack. Sure, the enemies were killed or captured. But the winning came at a great price... the loss of 3 members of the Alliance.

And to think that two had escaped with their lives? The thought of a rebellion with the two gathering support was strange. They wouldn't pose much of a threat, and could always be finished off later. The members who hadn't fought would be easy fodder, as well. They had nothing to worry about.

He and the Pasdutout Leader finished disintegrating the rest of the corpses on the hard stone floor. "Our job is done," Shao Kahn had said. "We will now proceed to rule the universe."

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