Note! This battle is over. Sorry for any disappointments...

UltimateKirbyfan: Well, well... the day has come to test Angel's limits (which are none) and prove to Hero that I am the better choice for her.

Thefallenangel407: Yeah, yeah... sure... now quit chatting and let's battle.

[Prepares a shield to protect his weak spots].

Ultimate: Puny villain! You think that'll work in your favor?

[Breaks the shield Angel was preparing by using a blank stare]

Angel: Saw through my shielding technique huh? Well well looks like you may be more of a challenge than I expected.

[Angel stops moving]

(*Deathwalker 13000 watches UltimateKirbyFan analytically.*)

Ultimate: You have stopped moving... do not think that I don't know what you are planning to do.

[Charges at Angel]

Angel: I anticipated your doing that Kirby.

[Grabs Kirby and throws him up into the air]

Ultimate: Ugh! Should've seen this coming. Very well then!

[Passes a cloud and takes it, then falls towards Angel with cloud in hand]

Angel: Hah! You think a cloud will stop me! Although I gotta say I'm impressed that you can actually grab an actual one. Maybe you will provide me with some fun after all. IF, you survive the fall. Heh heh...

Ultimate: Just wait and see Angel! Just wait and see...

[Takes the cloud he was holding and turns it into a sword]

Angel: You cheat! If you're gonna use a sword, at least let me be in possesion of one too. I may be a villain but at least I play fair.

[Angel spins the air around him and produces a sword too]

Ultimate: Oh I'm the cheat am I? Well at least I'm a well respected figure of authority where I hail from. And I am a hero too.

[Positions himself to strike Angel with his sword while falling]

[Legend sets up a stand a safe distance from the fight]

Legendary Slayer of Light, The: Come one, come all! Come see the fight of the millenia! Our fighters this time are thefallenangel407, a villain of this site, and UltimateKirbyfan, the new hero in town! Place your bets! Any and all bets shall be accepted! I myself shall vote on the hero even though I myself am a villain! The fight may determine who shall be better for Hero Forever apparently...

(*Deathwalker analyzes Angel and Kirby*)

Deathwalker13000: "..................i don't bet on anything. Still, I must see how this fight will end............"

Angel: And what's that supposed to mean Kirby?!

[Puts his new sword up in the air to block the attack]

Ultimate: I'm just simply saying that every villain meets his end sooner or later...

[The swords clash and whip up an explosion with a huge blast radius]

[Both Kirby and Angel survive while Angel suffers major damage from the blast]

Angel: Hah! That all you got?

Ultimate: Ugh!

[Kirby falls to the floor still breathing]

Ultimate: This isn't over villain! Mark my words! You AND Legend shall both pay for your crimes!

[Disappears in a burst of smoke]

[Angel mutters to himself]

Angel: It would appear as if I am the victor after all... but what did he mean when he mentioned Legend? Ugh! Wh-what is this?!

[Feels a sharp pain shooting through his body]

Angel: That jerk... I think he quit the fight on purpose! There must've been something in that blade of his...

[Collapses on the ground]

Ultimate: Hmph! I wonder if that idiot realised that I won the fight after I purposely gave up. I'd would've stuck around a little longer to see the poison take effect but I was needed elsewhere... heh heh heh...

[Hero Forever arrives on the scene. She looks over at Fallen Angel who is on the ground, dying. She raises her hand and shoots Fallen Angel with a white ray of magic, healing his poison, *or whatever was wrong with him*. Then, she teleports to her secret base and contemplates her choice.]

[Wakes up]

Angel: He-huh? Where am I? And who are you... waiiittt a second... I remember now... I was fighting Kirbyfan when I passed out. What happened?

[Looks at Legend]

Angel: Did you wake me?

Legend: No I didn't... but Hero did. See, you were poisoned when Kirby's blade collided with the one you made. If I hadn't convinced her to help you, you would've been dead in a few more minutes. See this?

[Points to the scar on her face]

Legend: This is a scar that Kirby had given me when me and him tussled a long time ago.

Meanwhile, at Hero Forever's base....

(*Deathwalker teleports in*)

Arbiter: " you.......regret....your choice?........"

Hero Forever: I'm not sure...

Arbiter: "......................don't let your emotions get the better of you...............

Hero: I'm only wondering if I did the right thing by allowing a villain to live.

Legend: You have done the right thing although it may not feel like it. Do not forget that Angel is a mere human even though he is a villain, he was still a human and if saving humans is what you set out to do then you did the right thing in Superman's book.

Hero: I don't know if I should be taking advice from another villain.--Hero Forever 18:01, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

Legend: Hey let me tell you something... I'm not villainous ALL the time. Well at least not anymore...

Hero: So you're a part-time villain?

Legend: Yep! That's right!

Hero: Okaaay...

Arbiter: " are you.......the kind of villain who sells her services to the "highest bidder"?............."

Legend: Um, yeah... uh no! I do evil things on my own accord and as for the hero part of me... I only help out when truly nessessary.

The Secret1070: Look! A Legend! Look! A Deathwalker! Look! A Fallen Angel! Look! A Hero! Look! A Secret! Look! Everyone!