The Hyper One / The Strong One v.s. Everyone is a fight in the Neo Ghouls Arc. It took place between two reluctant henchmen, Emily and Davidson, and the crew of fighters.

Allies Edit

  • Eria the Water Charmer
  • Mokou Fujiwara
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • Sashimi (Did not partake in most action)
  • Ichiga (Did not partake in most action)
  • Shima's Zach (Did not partake in most action)
  • Mega
  • Umbreon / Talia Larebella
  • Gold Starman

Supporting Cast Edit

  • Samantha
  • Kamitsure

Neutrals Edit


Enemies Edit

  • The Hyper One / Emily
  • The Strong One / Davidson

The Battle Edit

The battle starts off with Emily firing off a candy-shaped beam at Eria and Davidson hurling rocks followed by a beam at Reisen. Reisen responds to the beam with danmaku (弾幕, literally bullet curtain or curtain fire), showering them all around the battlefield, negating Davidson's attack and doing a small amount of damage in the meantime. Emily fires Genesis; Umbreon dodges and counters it with Apocalypse. Eria starts raining down Cascadas to try to turn the battlefield in her favor. Before any of them can attack any more, however, Shima's Zach pushes everyone outside.

Reisen then shoots missiles at Davidson and Emily. Emily dodges (although it is not shown) while Davidson tries to use his brute strength to ward them off. However, Reisen reveals that it was a trap; the missiles were filled with moon powder, lowering Davidson's attack strength by half. Davidson takes an attack-raising item, raising his attack again, but Reisen uses the opportunity to attack with her spell card 幻波「赤眼催眠(マインドブローイング)」(Visionary Wave: Mind Blowing), which catches Davidson off guard. Eria uses this extra time to rain down another Cascada, turning the battlefield into 90% water. Mokou removes the oxygen from the water, as this was a planned combo attack, and absorbs its energy to raise a flame. Mokou uses this flame to singe Emily and Davidson and transforms into a phoenix to deal the finishing blow. Davidson tries to counter Mokou, but ends up burning himself instead. The two enemies try to retreat but are immediately captured.