The Dust is the first chapter in A World Without Music.

Synopsis Edit

  • In the post-apocalyptic timeline, Jonas appeared. He only knew his name, and nothing else about his identity. Jonas looked around, seeing nothing but ruins and dust.
  • Jonas was starved. He waited for hours, finding no one, and just as he was going to starve to death, he saw a light in a small camp, meeting the remaining Saga Smashers.
  • The Saga Smashers welcomed him into their makeshift hideout and told him of the history behind what happened. They seemed to remember who Jonas was, but couldn't figure out exactly.
  • As the Saga Smashers finished telling their story, everyone heard screaming a few miles away, and dashed to the aid of Autumn Hazel, who was being attacked by a mob of desperate survivors.
  • Master Dart and his underlings attacked shortly afterwards, initiating the first true battle of the story.

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