TRGS, which stands for The Random Game Simulator, was the "real-life" equivalent of User Battle Wiki which ran primarily through March, April, May, and June of 2010 by Timson. TRGS was updated accordingly based on User Battle Wiki and vice versa, meaning these games were connected to each other. There were benefits to playing both, as one could unlock exclusives and quickly ascend the ranks. It was cancelled when the GM failed to come up with new ideas, which was around the same time that User Battle Wiki experienced a large decrease in activity.

Similarities and Differences from TRGS and UBW roleplays Edit

  • The biggest difference was that TRGS actually resembled a real, classic role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons, and was all done on paper and speaking, while User Battle Wiki's brawls were meant to simulate those of the Nintendo game series Super Smash Bros. Today, User Battle Wiki incorporates primarily the latter, although boss battles in Drax Academy are similar to the former mode.
  • TRGS was limited to Timson's real life friends. Unfortunately, this meant the player pool boiled down to the GM himself, Firetrail4, Noodle, and PeachAndYoshifan. The only active user of that list other than Timson is Fire; Noodle has since retired and PeachAndYoshifan is constantly busy, unable to participate at all.
  • TRGS had skills that can be brought over to this roleplay, but not always vice versa - say one learned to fire Shoop Da Whoop rays from their hand, and they also happened to play TRGS. They could not fire Shoop Da Whoop rays from your hand as it did not exist in TRGS.
  • TRGS's item pool was all from shooter video games or from Neopets, similar to the item pool of pre-2011 User Battle Wiki. The present-day User Battle Wiki has items primarily from League of Legends, Dota 2, and various other web RPGs, with older weapons receiving completely different effects to stay competent.
  • TRGS measured price in gold, which is very similar to the Neopoint system in Neopets. Contrarily, User Battle Wiki's currency was, and still is, measured in points, which, ironically, are more similar to the various pay-to-play games on Facebook, being extremely hard to earn.
  • User Battle Wiki has always had more modes to play in, such as Classic, Free, Ranked Free, and Stamina, and the since-retired Point and Throw-Away modes. TRGS always used a toned-down version of Stamina mode.