Super Staff
Super Staff
A mixture of the Star Rod, Heart Rod, and the mystical "Aileles Scepter."


Elemental Weapons






Kirby / Unknown


Basic Attack: 80(Icon - Light)
Starry Starry Night: 50(Icon - Light), 30(Icon - Dark); 1-turn cooldown
Swirlix Generation: Icon - GiveSwirlix Stars x3; 5-turn cooldown
Envelopment: 100(Icon - Light), 40(Icon - Fire); 7-turn cooldown, 1-turn recharge
Starry Starry Shield: (Block - Dark)100%, (Block - Light)40%; 4-turn cooldown

This is Kaila's signature weapon.

Overview Edit

The Super Staff is one of the most surprising yet effective items in Wiki4Battles. The one and only word that describes the Super Staff is basically "versatile." It could block your attack one turn and strike with a powerful 80-power move the next. Speaking of the 80-power move, that's one of the only weapons in OU that does that much damage with no variables or drawbacks, and it is with an element that not a lot of people are prepared for, unlike its counterpart, darkness. Envelopment is simply the best attack to finish off a weakened opponent without having to wait a turn. Overall, these advantages are worth the 10,000 saved for it.

However, like all weapons, it does not come without its drawbacks. Since the Super Staff only focuses on primarily the light element, it is predictable and can be easily shut down by shields designed to counter light; the L&D Shield is a prime example of that. People with access to Sink shuts down everything that this weapon throws at it, making it the one perfect counter to Super Staff; Sink is rare, however. While it may be predictable, however, it comes with powerful attacks that could possibly decide the battle in a few moves. If you're looking for a versatile, powerful weapon, definitely save up for this weapon.

Methods of Obtainment Edit

Wiki4Battles Edit

Umbreon's Rare Shop.

The Random Game Simulator Edit

The Super Staff does not exist in the Random Game Simulator.