Stealth Rock
Stealth Rock




5,000 BP (Scroll)
40,000 BP (TM)

Primary Typing and Damage

Rock (Auxiliary)

Damage (Expressed in Neopets icons)

16Icon - Direct (0.25x: 4Icon - Direct, 0.5x: 8Icon - Direct, 2x: 32Icon - Direct, 4x: 64Icon - Direct)

Damage & Accuracy

BP: --, Acc: --



Stealth Rock is an entry hazard move.

Effects Edit

  • Places levitating rocks around the opponent, damaging them if they touch one
  • Damage is dependent on target's weakness to Rock

Notable Users of the Move Edit

  • Helen's Aerodactyl - Is able to set up Stealth Rock constantly due to its high speed and Focus Sash.
  • Fiona's Tirtouga - Is able to set up Stealth Rock constantly due to Solid Rock and extremely high defenses.
  • Melanie Hatayama - The first three 100 Pixies can all set up Stealth Rock reliably due to extremely high speed and the ability to attack immediately afterwards.
  • Celia Amberly
  • Jennifer Baldwin
  • Timson - Although not a proficient Stealth Rock user, he is still able to set up Stealth Rock to aid in his combos and deal more residual damage while attacking.

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