Starry Lunara
Race Waddle Dee
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Theme Unknown
Affiliation Pacifist... but good
Occupation Mentor
Primary Skill

Starry Lunara is a Waddle Dee that is known around W4B as a pacifist who prefers not to fight but instead would rather talk things over peaceably.

Physical Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Face Beam This is Starry's signature attack which consists of him firing off a beam that resembles his star shaped face. It is unavoidable as well as indestructable and also unable to redirected. This means that it hits 100% all the time. However this is not an attack move and is merely meant to slow down an opponent as well as take away any trace of invincibility that they might have.. this includes GM as well!

Trivia Edit

  • Despite him having no real method of attack, ironically he is still stronger than Ultimate.

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