Staff of Ultra Nova
The weapon, in all its beauty.


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Note: The lack of information on this page is due to the fact that the page Ultranova has most of the information and it would be redundant to repeat it.

This is easily the most powerful staff of all kind. The Staff of Ultra Nova is the flagship in staff weapons, as it creates 1 Ultranova for the user to use, heals the user, and does five damage on its own.

Damage Edit

By itself, it does a measly 5 damage. The Ultranovas however drain 25 points from an enemy and are lightweight.

Counters Edit

The Prismatic Mirror can beam back the Novas at triple the power. Sink can block the Novas completely, but it's a waste of it if you have said Mirror.

Keep in mind that the Nova does fire damage and can possibly break one's Prismatic Mirror. In this case, Sink would be chosen instead, or Burrow if one does not have access to TRGS.

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