The Solar Baton Flair is a skill that WinXkaila brought to this wiki. It consists of a baton-looking swirl that releases glowing orb-like and swirling lights from it.

Solar Baton Flair
Solar Baton Flair








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85(Icon - Light) constant, eliminates all positive stat changes from opponent; Icon - Heal1%


The Solar Baton Flair is a light-attribute skill that does damage over and over again (85 in total.) When used, it will not only dish out major damage, but it will also heal the user; 1% may not seem like much, but it adds up very quickly.

That being said, there are major drawbacks to this skill that stop it cold from ever dreaming to enter the OU realm. It, strangely, does constant damage, which means it is not affected by STAB, Attack / Special Attack power, or super effective type advantages, meaning that it can be not very effective on an opponent but will never be super effective. One might opt to use a stronger skill like Psychic or Shifty Dance: Death by Light which have base power and are thus modified by STAB, meaning they will do more damage on average. Overall, this and the price tag is a huge cement block in this skill's journey to OU and will see use in sets that rely on staying alive, but will not see much use in purely offensive sets.

Methods of ObtaimentEdit


You can buy it in Umbreon's Rare Shop.

Random Video SimulatorEdit

There are at least 7 ways to get this skill:

  • Grab a skill piece with a sun with a swirl in the center.
  • Beat Magic#100 Super: Omega invaders with the perfect ending without switching your character or losing health.
  • Defeat the boss " Burnin' of the Dark " from Kirazy and Blinkbat.
  • Win in all mini-games in " Very Hard " mode and use the coins you gained in the shop in Adventure Team: The Mystery Nega Dimension.
  • HACK/GLITCH ONLY: Defeat the final boss in Ultimate Explorer: The Never Ending Days. Then go and grab the ? Trophy. On a split second before it stops, transform to your ultimate form.
  • Defeat all the mutant L&Ps and turn them back to normal in the Soopa Ultimatix.
  • Defeat all Solar bossess and get their powerup pieces in Eeeveeloution: Soopa Planet Universe.