100%(Block - FireBlock - WaterBlock - LightBlock - DarkBlock - Direct); three-time use per battle, last one blocks only 50% of aforementioned elements


Old Overview Edit

Sometimes it is not easy to predict the opponent, and shields usually guard against only one element. A good backup skill for defense is usually needed for support. Sink is one of these skills. In a single use, Sink shuts down all fire, water, light, dark, and direct damage thrown at the user. Although its gigantic price tag is a letdown, the 100% shutdowns are too divine to hold up. There are almost no drawbacks to using this skill, as it is one of the most powerful skills in Wiki4Battles.

However, the only method of obtainment is to pay for the aforementioned huge price tag and be enrolled in a game that is not accessible for a huge population of users on this website, making it sort of predictable at times. The shutdown is a very divine accomplishment for newbies, and as such, they will probably spam it to no end (until they reach the 3-time use limit.) To play around this, you need to rely on your opponent's mistakes; if they use Sink and block just a few icons using it, then you know that they spam the skill, and can proceed to abuse that using this knowledge. Overall, although it's a greedy accomplishment for many newbies, it's still a pretty good skill. Anyone enrolled in the Random Game Simulator should consider getting this skill.

Effect Edit

DarkIC Big

Sink StatusIC - 780 second cooldown

  • ACTIVE: The user sinks deep underground and avoids all WaterIC Big, IceIC Big, FireIC Big, DragonIC Big, ElectricIC Big, PsychicIC Big, GhostIC Big, DarkIC Big, PoisonIC Big, NormalIC Big, FightingIC Big and SteelIC Big damage for 12 seconds, but takes double damage from FlyingIC Big, GrassIC Big, BugIC Big, GroundIC Big, and RockIC Big moves during that duration. If the attack is interrupted or cancelled, it is placed on a reduced 240 second cooldown.

Methods of Obtainment Edit

Wiki4Battles Edit

Umbreon's Rare Shop (former TRGS players only!)

The Random Game Simulator Edit

There are three methods of obtaining Sink:

  • Successfully complete SimPlanet I to move on to SimPlanet II, and you will be awarded this.
  • Buy it from the Skill Shop on Saturday afternoon. (Warning: PRICEY!)
  • Obtain the L&D Shield.