Race Reploid
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Theme Final theme in Megaman X7
Affiliation Evil
Occupation 1 of the 8 generals under Lancer.
Team Mavericks, Lancer's army
Partner The other 7 generals, Lancer, Clive, Slicer, Copy X
Base of Operations Orbital Space Station
Primary Skill
Powers Inspired By Megaman
Tier Unplaced

"Wallow in despair and hopelessness! The plan to destroy the world you so love is finally coming to fruition! I shed no tears for you and your kind! Ha ha ha ha ha! It will all be over soon!"

Sigma is one of the 8 generals under Lancer, leading the Maverick Division.


As the former leader of the Maverick Hunters, Sigma was originally the most advanced Reploid of his time. However, after his fight with Zero, he became infected by the Maverick Virus. Ever since then, he has plotted world domination numerous times, but X, Zero, and Yoshi stopped him. He joined Lancer, and became stronger after training and absorbing Dark Phazon.

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