Shoop Da Whoop Cannon
Shoop Da Whoop Cannon


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Basic Attack: 5 (Icon - WaterIcon - FireIcon - EarthIcon - AirIcon - LightIcon - DarkIcon - Direct)


Although it has been demoted and confined to BL, the Shoop Da Whoop Cannon is a potent and unique weapon, doing 5 damage of each element (with the exception of Ice), which is 35 damage. Though not as strong as the Strong Flamethrower, which does around 40 damage with its basic attack, it is harder to counter due to all 7 elements not being able to be blocked at the same time, with the exception of its counter, the UU Laser Hazer.

Although it is hard to counter, the aforementioned Lazer Hazer blocks and reflects 100% of this weapon's attack. The skills Sink and Burrow also take off 25 icons from the cannon, reducing the damage to a pathetic 10, hampering this weapon's usage. However, all three of them get weakened or disappear after they get used against the Shoop Da Whoop Cannon, so it's safe to say that this weapon is uncounterable. The low damage output may be a hindrance, but if you're looking for something that isn't easily blocked, consider choosing the Shoop Da Whoop Cannon.

Methods of Obtainment Edit

Wiki4Battles Edit

Buy at Starman's MUB Weapon Store.

The Random Game Simulator Edit

Visit Umbreon's house in Final Island. One of the weapons given out is the Shoop Da Whoop Cannon.