Race Human
Gender Female
Affiliation Evil
Time Period Legacy of the User Battle Force
Primary Skill
Powers Inspired By Portal
IRC Nickname Shelly

Shelly is the Dimension W counterpart of Chell from the Portal series. She serves as the thief of the group, stealing ill-gotten weapons, utility items, and treasures from enemies using only her Portal Gun.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Shelly may seem like a weakling, but she is more than capable of causing intense harm with her Portal Gun. Her weak stats and lack of advanced techniques that deal damage undermine her capability to steal weapons and redirect attacks with ease.

Base Stats Edit

Base Stats
Stat Quantity
Special Attack
Special Defense
Shelly's base stats.

Advanced Techniques Edit

NormalIC Big

Nimbility StatusIC - Innate

  • PASSIVE: Shelly gains 10 base speed for the battle for every enemy she's facing.

Tech StatusIC

  • PASSIVE: Shelly can tech off of walls, reducing knocking effects on her if she is near any.

Basic Techniques Edit

Shelly can do basic self-defense techniques, roll, climb, and sprint.

Weapons Edit

Shelly relies on her Portal Gun to do her dirty work. The build items are there to give her more mobility and survivability.

Unique Edit

  • Portal Gun: Enhanced Movement 1 (can stack with one pair of boots.)
  • ACTIVE: Shelly fires portals at the targeted locations. Up to two portals (blue and orange) can be fired; the portals can be erased at any time. If both portals are erased, enemies caught in the portal will be ejected forcefully. No portals can be fired if both portals are active. 1 second cooldown between fires.

Build Edit

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