Saun Packorita
Race Shy Guy
Age 3000 (He sounds, acts as well as looks about 2970 years younger)
Gender Male
Affiliation Good
Occupation Collocter of Shy Guy artifacts, Battler
Team User Battle Force
Partner Gerald Stickermin
Base of Operations New York city, His Portal Pouches.
Primary Skill
Signature Skill Time Freeze.
Abilities Intimidate
Tier Unknown

Saun Packorita is a Shy Guy that is a battler here at the User Battle Wiki. His tier placement is unknown.

Physical Apppearance Edit

Being a Shy Guy means that he tends to wear the robes of one as well as the mask and belt. However his robes are golden in color and his belt buckle is silver as well as rounded. It is known that when he takes off his mask or it falls off that behind it is a creepy black void with only a pair of yellow, glowing eyes in it.

Personality Edit

He is normally serious in situations. However he is quite easygoing at times and at others depending on the situation he can become a perv. However the perv aspect of him has rarely been explored and so is not known to many. Depending on the person he's around he will act silly as well. A prime example of this being when putting up with Malloy's shenanigans for he will for the most part join in with Malloy unless he feels doing so will get him harmed.

History Edit

Special Abilities Edit

  • Portal Pouches These are a common method of transportation for Saun and act the same as Yukari's gaps in that they can get him places as well as being their own little world.
  • Time Manipulation Although he can turn time back, freeze it or fast-foward it he can only do each thing for a few minutes. It is during this that the full extent of his powers can be reached being that he is rather slow wtihout this power.
  • Scare Tactics This plays directly with his Intimidate ability. Basically he can scare anyone with what's behind his mask if he decides to take it off.

Trivia Edit

  • He had an origianl design which consisted of him having JUST the golden robes as well as a black mask strap.
  • He is the oldest character out of all of the User Battle Wiki characters. Even more so than Kaguya and Mokou.
  • Even though he was meant to just be a Mario character it should be noted that he has a lot of similarites with Touhou characters all of which are coincidental.

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