Reisen Udongein Inaba
Race Lunar Rabbit
Age 38
Gender Female
Theme Lunatic Red Eyes - Invisible Red Moon [1]
Affiliation Evil
Occupation Self-Imposed re-shaper(eradicator) of Earth simply because it is too impure for her liking
Primary Skill
Tier Unknown as of right now

Reisen Udongein Inaba is a rabbit that hails from the moon.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Being as she is one of many Udonges, she tends to keep most of the physical qualities of her except for the fact that she tends to give off a corrupted aura. Granted said aura is invisible as most auras are, but it can be felt on occasion.


She is rather racist and judgmental towards everyone she meets simply because of her heritage of being a Lunar Rabbit. But she tends to disclaim this racism in favor of her "pureness". She will rarely become friendly with you if you manage to act the right way toward her


She once used to live on the moon before she was exiled to live on earth for cowardly abandoning her allies in war. It was during the exile however that something snapped inside her and made her able to channel the power of insanity that her fellow moon rabbits had, but in a more vile fashion. Since her exile, she had quickly made the decision to attempt to eradicate the earth of all forms of life except for her so that she could re-shape the world into her own perfect image. Unfortunately, said perfect image just happens to be a post-apocalyptic world where nothing ever grows and nothing ever prospers. And she planned to do this so as to regain her life on the moon and impress her previous owners on the moon.

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