Race Human
Age 22
Gender Male
Theme Fight! Champion
Affiliation Neutral
Occupation Pokémon Champion
Base of Operations Mount Silver
Primary Skill
Powers Inspired By Pokémon
IRC Nickname Red

Red is the current Pokémon Champion that wonders around, occasionally meeting his rivals and allies from his journey to become the Champion.


Born in Pallet Town, Red started off his journey unlike all other trainers. When he went off to receive his first Pokémon from Oak, he found out that a Ghost had somehow ended up in his party. He soon found out the power that Ghost had after his first battle, and used it against many other trainers and Pokémon. However, when he arrived at the Elite 4, he felt regretful, and realized that the cause for it was Ghost. Unwilling to move on until Ghost was gone, he tossed its Poke Ball atop Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, supposedly killing it, and placed a personal exile on himself. Traveling to Mount Silver, he spent years there, ashamed of the deaths he caused as a result of using Ghost. Eventually, while meditating, he saw Ethan nearby. Deciding to attempt to redeem his battling skills, he challenged Ethan, only to lose. He fled the area, and began to train his Pokémon. Forgetting Ghost, he traveled back to Kanto. He easily defeated the Gym Leaders and Gary, the Pokémon champion of Kanto during that time, and traveled to other regions; however, when he met Ethan again, the memories of Ghost came back. He defeated Ethan quickly, and traveled back to Lavender Town to see if Ghost was still alive. He ascended the tower, and became deathly pale when he saw Ghost, aided by a corrupted version of himself. This corrupted copy, known as Dark Red, was what would have become of Red if he had not realized his mistakes. He attempted to battle Dark Red, who was seemingly a completely inferior opponent, but when Ghost was involved, his new Pokemon were only able to catch him off guard by stunning him with auxiliary moves. He quickly realized that it was futile to continue, and quickly ran away from the tower.


On HandEdit

Deoxys-A Arceus Darkrai Rayquaza Mewtwo Ferrothorn

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