Ray Gun
Ray Gun
"A weak weapon with a hard-to-dodge element."


Guns, Swords, Polearms, and Explosives




Super Smash Bros.


Basic Attack: 8(Icon - Light) per shot

Overview Edit

There is no substitute to how horrible this weapon is. 8 icons with no added benefits is really weak, considering that weapons don't get STAB nor are they modified by type effectiveness or base Attack / Special Attack. It's affordable, but there are other affordable noob/NU weapons, like the weak Flamethrower which costs a little more but adds a ton of damage, as well as added attacks.

That being said, the Ray Gun does come in handy for the element of surprise. Not a lot of people are going to expect light damage, as it is one of the hardest elements to counter. If they do have a light reflector/shield/guarding attack, however, you're screwed. Overall, it's a good weapon for those who can't afford anything, and its only saving grace is that it has an element that isn't easily avoided.

Methods of Obtainment Edit


Buy at Starman's MUB Weapon Store.

The Random Game Simulator Edit

Buy at Kenneth's Basic Shop.