Race Robot
Gender Male
Affiliation Good
Time Period Legacy of the User Battle Force
Primary Skill
Powers Inspired By Mega Man
Tier Unplaced
IRC Nickname Quint
Used By Starman

Quint is an ally of the User Battle Force.


Quint was originally a Mega Man from a peaceful future. After Dr. Wily traveled to the timeline by the use of a prototype machine called the Time Skimmer, he was taken away to the present and modified to become one of Dr. Wily's robots, and had gained the name Quint. A pogo robot named Sakugarne was also built for him. Dr. Wily believed that if he had Mega Man on his side, he wouldn't lose, and Quint was sent to destroy the present Mega Man.

After his first battle against Mega Man, Quint had been damaged and retreated. In his second battle, he was destroyed, but not enough to be irrepairable; the heavily-damaged Quint, along with Enker, Punk, and Ballade, was warped off of the Wily Star before it had exploded. After the four had made it to the base, a wormhole had opened up, and Quint had fallen through, and was separated from the other robots.

Quint, recovering from unconsciousness, found himself inside a base along with the Sakugarne. An unknown person had found Quint in his base, and repaired him and Sakugarne to completion. Quint's Mega Buster, which was unusable as a result of being deactivated, was now fully functional. Quint had still retained his past memories, and had set off on his own along with the Sakugarne.

Role in PlotEdit

Legacy of the User Battle ForceEdit

Quint had first appeared when the heroes were against the Neo Ghouls. Quint had predicted the future would be horrible as a result of the Ghouls' actions.

Much later in the story, after Starman, Talia, and Eria were captured, Quint becomes a full-fledged ally of the User Battle Force.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Base StatsEdit

Normal FormEdit

Base stats for this character have not yet been fully calculated.

Quintet FormEdit

The unknown person who had repaired Quint had also programmed a "Quintet form" into him, which was much stronger than his normal form, although he hasn't figured out how to change into this form yet, and is also completely unaware he has it.

Base stats for this character have not yet been fully calculated.

Advanced TechniquesEdit