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April 4, 2011




Thefallenangel407(Character)(Related via being a split personality of Fallen)


Second Deadly Alliance Arc


Psycho Fallen is somone who would be considered a personality clone meaning that he is the direct clone of Fallen.. however he is the psychotic side of Fallen and is distinctly more powerful, conniving as well as evil so as to serve as an actual challenge to the User Battle Force.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is exactly like Angel, Shima's Zach, Iia's Zach, and Fallen in terms of appearance. They all possess black hair in a flat, bowl-like fashion as well as a skinny composure. However unlike them Psycho has red eyes as well as mostly wearing a Mask with a rather odd design that shows off a red glare from the eyeholes as well as giving off an intimidation factor due to the shape of the eyeholes. He also tends to wear a black cape.

Personality Edit

He as the first part of his name suggests is a complete and total psychopath. He even goes so far as to attack innocent people out of pure joy.

Special Abilities Edit

Halberd He is able to wield a halberd with precise skill and execute magic skills such as wiping memories from his victims with it.

Terrain Alter He is able to alter the terrain around him to fit whatever he needs via the snap of a finger meaning that he can also use stat altering effects if he wanted to in which case he has done so twice.

Copycat He is able to copy the attack of almost anyone he wants to and use it against them.

Red-Eyed Insanity He is able to cause insanity in people just by having them look at a pair of giant red eyes that he creates with his own red eyes in the sky. This is attack is almost unavoidable since it can surround a person who he particularly wants to target. However he must reveal the fact that his red eyes are spinning in order to pull this attack off meaning that he has a few seconds of vulnerability while he takes his mask off to showcase this.

Trivia Edit

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