Prometheus (Mega Man)
Affiliation Neutral
Primary Skill
Signature Skill Fire Tornado

Prometheus is a reploid made by Albert and plays a key role in the Game of Destiny, as does his sister, Pandora.

Neo Ghouls ArcEdit

Promtheus makes a minor appearance to invite Talia, Bio, and Starman into the Game of Destiny.

Mysteries ArcEdit

Making a larger appearance, he teams up with the heroes in order to make sure that they don't die early on in the game. When the heroes invade a Vicered base, he assists and confronts Count Bleck. It is shown that he has invited Cisaderes into the Game of Destiny and when he nearly defeats Bleck with little effort, Cisaderes arrives to stop the fighting. Soon after, the base is blown up, and Prometheus receives a message from Pandora, who informs him that she is done with her duties and that he can stop supporting the heroes. He then leaves.