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Warning: Weapon still in beta stage.

You would be surprised that the light reflector from Neopets is not in the Duo series. The Prismatic Mirror is the presumed final upgrade of the Battle Mirror. The reason why it is not part of the Duo Series is strictly because it deals three times the damage reflected, and it is as expensive as buying four Duo weapons, as well as blocking a very rare element, light. So why the hell get this? Simple: It reflects THREE TIMES the light damage. This may not seem like much, but in cases of the Shoop Da Whoop Cannon, one will be glad to have bought this.

Damage Edit

It reflects light and sends it back at triple force. This is devastating, especially for Shoop Da Whoop Cannon users, which will have a huge-powered light blast back at them, with the obsolete fire element only dealing a few points of damage.

Counters Edit

Sadly, the Prismatic Mirror along with the other Duo series are fragile, meaning it can break easily if it does not successfully counter. Weapons such as the strong Flamethrower or the Sword of Skardsen will break this mirror within a few turns.

Methods of Obtainment Edit

Wiki4Battles Edit

Buy from Starman's MUB Weapon Store.

The Random Game Simulator Edit

Successfully cross the border from Moons Island to Eternal Island.

Trivia Edit

  • The Prismatic Mirror is taken from Neopets, but it does NOT reflect only light back at its home turf. The Combo Battle Mirror took that job. Instead, it reflected 80-100% of any element of attack besides direct damage (physical) and sends it back at full power. Due to this weapon's cheapness, it has been reserved for a few select 1-player Battledome foes and has not been circulated to the general public, but thanks to Umbreon, who stole the weapon from the grave of Lord Kass brought it here to Wiki4Battles, it has been nerfed down to a normal light reflector.