Age Beyond 10,000 years
Gender Male
Height 10'
Weight 1,500 lbs
Affiliation Evil
Primary Skill

"It is said that there is only one true ruler of Outworld... and that ruler had returned."
Mortal Kombat: Deception intro

Onaga is a dragon who ruled over the Outworld. He participated in the Game of Destiny so that he can gain the ultimate power and conquer the universe, but like all other contestants, he did not receive his wishes due to the intervention of Neo Metal Sonic.


Onaga is able to withstand many attacks before losing his powerful aura that protects him. Even then, his defense allows him to continue to battle without being defeated easily. His attacks include fire and magic.

Plot Edit

Game of Destiny Arc Edit

His matches were not shown, although it is implied he won most of them. He participates in the fight against Neo Metal Sonic after Melanie and Imperialdramon PM gave their energy to weaken him.

Allies Edit

As of the 2nd Deadly Alliance Edit

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