Hero Forever: So...I'm fighting you now, huh?

Saber-X1138: Indeed. Perhaps another time Deathwalker won't cower away like he's been doing several times in other battles.

Hero: Well, then.

-Hero Forever charges towards Saber-X-

Hero: You're done for!!

Neon: We'll see.

(*Saber-X ignites his lightsaber and taunts Hero Forever to attack with a movement of his hand.*)

-Hero Forever surrounds herself with fire as she continues to charge at Saber-X-

(*Saber-X stretches out his arm, absorbing and pulling away the fire around Hero Forever and increasing his power. He jumps in the air and swings his lightsaber, creating a 100-yard wide lightning arc hurling toward Hero.*)

-Hero Forever quickly creates a fire sword and swings it, producing a fire arc that blazes towards the lightning arc-

Hero: Ha!

(*Saber-X combines the two arcs into one, and the energy arc continues to sail through the air, at twice the speed towards Hero.*)

-Deathwalker stands to the side-

Deathwalker13000: (mutters) "Almost complete...just a little longer."

(*Saber-X looks suspiciously at Deathwalker*)

-Appears next to Deathwalker to watch the fight-

Thesecret1070: Hee-Hee. Hi.

-Hero Forever shields herself with a fire barrier, bracing for impact-

(*Saber-X causes the massive arc to wrap around Hero, sucking in all of the fire energy being used, and closes in quickly.*)

-Hero Forever shoots fire in all directions, trying to relieve the pressure-

(*As Hero Forever shoots fire, the pressure and strength of the fire-powered arc increases.*)

-Hero Forever collapses under the pressure of the arc- Aaah!!-- 22:41, October 19, 2009 (UTC)

(*Saber-X smirks and begins to walk forward, waiting to see the effect on Hero.*)

-Hero Forever raises her head and looks at Saber-X with a tired countenance. Her pupils are red-

Neon: "Another hero is about to fall before me,"

-Saber-X says coolly, and lifts up his hand. The ground below Hero Forever begins to rise high above the ground, and Saber-X charges his lightning-

Arbiter: -mutters- "It is...complete. I know now what I must know..."

-Deathwalker fades away-

-Hero Forever creates several fire tornadoes that head for Saber-X, as a defense mechanism-

Hero: Stay back!

(*Saber-X snaps his fingers and the fire tornadoes immediately shrink into his palm.*)

-The ground shakes and, suddenly, ten volcanoes emerge from the ground, surrounding Hero Forever. Lava shoots out of them all-

-Hero Forever charges at Saber-X, holding her fire sword-

Hero: You haven't beaten me yet!

Neon: "I was aware of that. Shall we continue?"

(*Saber-X draws his blue-bladed lightsaber and charges at Hero with full speed*)

-Hero Forever and Saber-X clash, creating an explosion of fire and lightning forces-

(*Saber-X raises his hand and pushes the air back against Hero, causing her to fall backward.*)

-Hero Forever jumps to her feet and shoots fire out of both hands at Saber-X-

Neon: "You never learn, do you Hero, that I draw power from fire as well?"

(*Saber-X absorbs the fire with both hands*)

<stirke>-you cannot erase my moves. Let me remind you that I can demote you from adminship for deleting my edits. I am allowed to interfere in this battle, because there is no rule that says I cannot. I should know. I created User Battles.- </strike>

Neon: If you wanted to fight, Deathwalker, then you shouldn't have cowered away earlier. You agreed that this was a battle between me and Hero, since you agreed that two against one was hardly fair. If you want to fight us, create a new battle heading.

Arbiter: -Hm... you have a point... about a new battle heading anyway. But I didn't cower away earlier... I needed to back of earlier to...finish my plan. Alright... here goes...