Neo Metal Sonic
Race Robot
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Theme Main: Iced Innocence

Peaceful: Cynthia's theme before battle

Affiliation Neutral (Antagonistic)
Primary Skill
Abilities Unknown
Powers Inspired By Various
Play Style Hard Godmode
Tier SS (3) - due to extensively cheap abilities that render him almost unbeatable except at the hands of two very unrecurring characters, effectively making him the most powerful recurring character of all.

"You heroes are but specks of dust to me, yet I always find myself helping you. I have no emotions, so what makes me behave like this..."
—Neo Metal Sonic

Neo Metal Sonic is a robot based on Sonic. After evolving, he turned into a being whose skills have no limit.

Base Stats (Max)Edit

Base Stats
Stat Quantity
Special Attack
Special Defense
The base stats of Neo Metal Sonic.

Advanced TechniquesEdit

Time Manipulation StatusIC - Inate

  • Passive - Neo Metal Sonic is able to slow down or fast forward time at any time.

Extensive Scan StatusIC - .1 second cooldown

  • Passive - Neo Metal Sonic copies the two highest stats for each stat at all times, adding them to his stat after he copies them.
  • Active - Neo Metal Sonic scans an opponent, copying their entire moveset. He is then able to use any advanced technique they have, so long as it does not require an item he can not spawn.


Game of Destiny ArcEdit

Though never mentioned or seen until the end, and even then, he only appeared as a Mysterious Figure, he organized the game for intentions unknown to all. Before it was complete, he defeated the majority of the cast, and was weakened when Imperialdramon PM, Mealnie, and the remaining cast combined forces to slow him down. In the end, the others retreat while Imperialdramon confronts him and slows him down by destroying a Chaos Emerald, forcing him to look for the pieces.

Fantasma ArcEdit

He appears on top of one of the Sluohg towers. He draws the Seal of Orichalcos on it as Akiza and Mega arrive to confront them. He does not fight, and levitates as they escape, while the tower collaspes, giving him the energy from it.

He appears later in order to encourage the depressed heroes into fighting. He restores Starman and Talia, and leaves in order to deal with Prometheus. He easily defeats Bass Mega and Dark Starman, and leaves.

Later on, he arrives after the battle between Butterfly and Talia. He revives Hilda when she faints, and goes to the crater created during the battle. He generates a glowing shard from it, but before he collects it, Talia begins to suspect that she knows who he is. She finds out, and Neo Metal Sonic asks how they will treat him, now that they know who he is. Before an answer is given, he states that regardless of their choice, he'll continue treating them as he is now.

Admin Approval Edit

User Vote Reason
Timson Refused Symbol I have hated this character to hell since it was introduced. All I've thought of Neo Metal Sonic was your attempt to match Melanie Hatayama's power, which might or might not be true, but this isn't the main point. You have used this character, along with Magnamon, Nightmare, etc., for nothing but deux ex machina to make our characters look bad in comparison to yours. tl;dr I'm refusing this character for two major reasons: due to him being so OP he can't be touched, and due to him always being used to save us from an impossible boss (which you also usually run) and making our characters look bad.
Starman Refused Symbol Per Timson. Sorry, dude, but this character is not only overpowered, but overconfident.
Flandre No Vote Symbol This user has not voted yet.
Nightbird Refused Symbol This character has insane stats and unmanageable CC power in time slows and speedups. The original Neo Metal Sonic in Sonic Heroes was very powerful, but nothing like this. I'd daresay that this character is the very epitome of cheapness in roleplaying itself, and looks like one that would've been made by a person new to roleplaying who doesn't know the definition of "godmode."