Michael's Theorem is an infamous theory given out by the user Hedwig302 or Michael. It is mostly an anti-Dragon Ball theory, as most comments are directed strictly towards Bleach's superiority in spiritual power and the Z Fighters' lack thereof.

The theorem has been negatively accepted. While newer players generally accept this "rule of thumb," admins and experienced players criticized Michael for being completely biased in his arguments when the theory was brought to the IRC to discuss. They claimed it was simply an attack on Dragon Ball and an attempt for him to make excuses to cover up for his Bleach bias.

Concise Edit

Theory Edit

Spiritual energy is superior to physical energy.

Proof Edit

  • Spiritual energy has no limit, but physical energy does.
  • A strict border exists between the spiritual and physical worlds; the physical world cannot see the spiritual world, but the opposite is not the same; spiritual beings can see physical beings. This makes it so that physical energy is supposedly inferior to spiritual energy because physical energy users cannot even fight back.

Errors Edit

  • Michael gives no proof in how spiritual energy has no limit. It actually appears so that physical energy has no limit, as it can be pushed past them.
  • There is also no proof of how the "strict border" affects energy as a whole. If there was a strict border, then how come Goku was able to train at Soul Society during the Mysteries Arc? It is later addressed in Autumn's Chemistry Lesson that anyone with the slightest bit of control over their energy, excluding ones in power-draining Gigais or in permanent denial, can see spiritual beings.

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