Mephiles the Dark
Race Hedgehog-shaped spirit/demon
Age Immortal
Height 3 ft 3 in
Weight 88 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Evil
Occupation Conscious mind and will of Solaris
Partner Iblis
Personal Status
Relatives Iblis by extension

Shadow by absorbtion

Primary Skill
Signature Skill Dark Chaos Lance

Mephiles the Dark is a powerful villian who partakes in the Game of Destiny. His goal is to revive Iblis, which is a prize for the winner of the game, and merge with him so that he can become Solaris.


Mephiles can manipulate and move through time with an ability similar to Chaos Control, minus the Chaos Emerald. Using this, he is able to see what his foes do before they even think of it. He is able of creating an army of near perfect clones. His attacks include various dark and energy moves, most of which are extremely powerful. Being immortal, he can not be killed. He is capable of creating force fields and crystal shields, allowing him to stall his way to victory. He himself has a distorted defense, allowing him to phaze through many attacks, unaffected by any part or side effect of it. His powers allow him to surpass even Melanie in terms of defense and strength.

However, although Melanie cannot beat him alone, she can with the help of anyone with a tier list ranking of tier B or higher, the most notable one being Satori Komeiji. The two can easily lock down Mephiles and weaken him gradually with specialized techniques.

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