Men's Bat


Sex Weapons




Better left a secret

Percent Rate for catching

1- 25%

2- 50%

3- 60%

4- 75%

5- 90%


The ability to charm any woman(Icon - Light)


This weapon can be used on any woman to charm them into hitting themself. The bat produces illusions by the sunlight's rays. The bat will create the most attractive man to her by making colors from the sun(as stated before). If the sun gets dimmed by something the slightest bit, even if 0.000000001% of the sun blocked, the effect will wear off comepletely. It affects all females, even on your team and yourself if you're female. so it has a big counter-strike on you

Methods of Obtainment/UpgradingEdit

At X pro's current shop


No place to upgrade yet

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