The MelaSato Lockdown is an infamous combo performed by Melanie Hatayama and Satori Komeiji.

Overview Edit

Being one of the many types of combos that Melanie and Satori can pull off, this one is among the most deadly, with nobody being able to resist it. Satori first copies Melanie's powers (every move), then they proceed to use defensive and stall moves to deal slow and steady damage to the opponent while they fail to strike back due to double shielding. After a few minutes of this, they proceed to deal a fatal, deciding blow.

Beneficial Teammates Edit

Teammates that can deal steady damage with a "vacuum" attack or ones that have a trapping attack are always welcome, speeding up the KO process. The most notable partners and the moves they can use are listed below:

Counters Edit

Currently, there are no counters to this strategy. The closest thing that comes to a counter would be fighters that are immune to status effects, such as Armageddemon, but that can be circumvented by burn tactics instead of status tactics.

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