Liza Owens
Race Human
Age Around 16
Gender Female
Affiliation Neutral (sided with Evil but did not have evil intentions)
Team Fantasmas (former)
Partner Mysterio
Primary Skill
Powers Inspired By Custom

Liza Owens was a high-ranking Fantasma member. She was captured on March 10th, 2011 when she was fired from the Fantasmas, thus losing most of her powers, making her an easy target.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Former Edit

Base Stats Edit

Liza had a blistering speed stat before her banishment from the Fantasmas as well as a huge support movepool to whittle down her enemies while keeping herself healthy. During the Uncharted World Arc, when emergency backup was needed for the invasion, criminals were given back their powers, including Liza.

Base Stats
Stat Quantity
Special Attack
Special Defense
The base stats of Liza Owens.

Advanced Techniques Edit

BugIC Big

Butterfly Morph StatusIC - Passive

  • PASSIVE: Liza can fly. Every 10 seconds she is not attacking, her dodge rate and speed go up by 5%.

Quiver Dance StatusIC - 25 second cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Liza quivers rapidly, increasing her Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by 50%. This stacks up to 6 times.

Bug Buzz SpecialIC - 15 second cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Liza emits sonic waves from her wings, dealing 90 base special damage and silencing enemies for 2 seconds.

GrassIC Big

Sleep Powder StatusIC - 60 second cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Liza scatters chemical powder at an enemy, putting them to sleep.

Giga Drain SpecialIC - 15 second cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Liza drains energy from an opponent, dealing 75 base special damage to them and healing herself by half the damage done.

Basic Techniques Edit

SteelIC Big

Craft StatusIC - No cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Liza can craft up to four materials together.

Rewire StatusIC - No cooldown

  • ACTIVE: Liza rewires an electrical current.

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