"The sunlight may be beautiful, but it can also be dangerous! Watch out."




W4B: 3,500
TRGS: 7,000,000




1: Adds Icon - LightIcon - LightIcon - LightIcon - Light to any weapon or skill.
2: Nullifies any skills or weapons that does the following icon: Block - Light
3: Blinds enemies (100%Block - Direct)


After nullifying skills and weapons that block light, it disappears for the battle.

Looking for a skill that blocks all direct damage (the most abundant icon), nullifies any Light-icon blocker, AND adds a little holiness into any attack? Well look no further - Lightburst fits all those categories. The price may seem costly at first, but it is worth every little point paid for it.

Lightburst, as listed on its effects above, adds four Light icons (6 Light damage) to any weapon or skill that you desire. It also nullifies the effects of skills and weapons that block Light - so if your weapon set is Light-heavy, this skill will lift your worries away. It can also blind enemies, making them unable to deal Direct damage to the user.

Drawbacks Edit

Alas, all good things have to come to an end. After nullifying weapons and skills that do Light damage for the battle, it disappears for the battle along with the nullified weapons - so say goodbye to all that physical defense and extra damage.

Good lures to this weapon are probably Sink and the Dreadscythe as they both block Light damage. If the opponent knows Lightburst, use one of those two skills to block their Light damage and they will almost always nullify your weapons afterward. If you are planning to lure a person into doing this, make sure that they are your reserve skills or weapons.

Methods of Obtainment Edit

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Buy it from Kenneth's intermediate shop.