Leli, Memi, Neni
Race Witch(Leli), Human(Memi and Neni)
Age 20
Gender Female
Theme Memi: Letty's theme
Affiliation Good
Occupation Witch(Leli), airhead (Memi), student (all three)
Primary Skill

Physical Apppearance Edit

Leli, Memi and Neni all possess hair that is some shade of brown while all three of them wear the traditional black dress with a yellow cresent moon design uniform of Lunar Academy. Leli's hair is the medium brown color, while Memi's is a darker color, and Neni has the lightest color brown. Leli also tends to wear a witch's hat that has a yellow band near the bottom of the rim. All three have red eyes.

History Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Spellcaster Being that Leli is a witch she is able to cast a wide variety of spells and such. However she is quite skilled in escape tactics using a special Smoke Bomb to get away when she feels she won't win which transports her anywhere she desires.

Danmaku User This is a new ability specifically for Memi. It is known that her Spell Card is called "Orb of Bulletin Indestruction". Why this is however is unknown. The Orb usually comes out of the spell card, floats the the ground levitating off of it by about four inches, and then will shoot off 500 rounds of Danmaku randomly with the bullets not aimed at the target homing in on it eventually. It is known that a second part to this spell has been added where multiple orbs of rainbow, red, green and yellow colors come out of her card with the rainbow orbs performing the same function of the original, the red orbs firing off flaming bullets in a straight path, the yellow orbs exploding into stars which then explode into the bullets, and the green orbs exploding into floral patterns which home in on the target(s).

This spell will sometimes fail and instead put out a single blue orb and shoot bullets that aim for anyone that is nearby as well as actually touch the ground.

Trivia Edit

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