Komachi Onozuka
Race Shinigami
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Good
Team Gensokyo Force, User Battle Force
Zanpakutō Type Illusion
Shikai Shikama
Bankai Tenkonasai Shikama
Spell Card Illusionary, Swarm

Komachi Onozuka is one of the only Shinigami not involved with the Soul Society.

Zanpakutō (Adopted) Edit

Komachi's Zanpakutō is adopted- therefore, it is usually unwilling to show its abilities. Komachi prefers to use her Spell Cards, which do the same damage but with added or enhanced effects. However, Komachi does take advantage of having a Zanpakutō by using it in combos, and the Bankai of it is incredibly deadly.

Shikama (死鎌, Death Scythe)

  • Shikai: Komachi's Zanpakutō, like Ichigo Kurosaki and Kenpachi Zaraki, keeps itself in a constant release form. The Shikai version of Komachi's Zanpakutō looks like a grim reaper's scythe, and was unnamed in the Touhou series. The reason why Komachi's Zanpakutō is in a constant release state is because she was a renegade, unofficial Shinigami in Gensokyo for an unknown number of years.
Shikai Special Abilities:
  • Kyorisōsa (距离操作, Distance Manipulation): This dangerous technique is activated when Komachi swings her Zanpakutō in a 360-degree arc. The opponent will feel himself or herself being slowly lulled into a false sixth sense of direction. Things that the opponent perceives after this attack is activated may not necessarily be real. Komachi can take advantage of this by using the technique to injure the enemy without actually putting herself in danger.
  • Bankai: Tenkonasai Shikama (天粉砕死鎌, Heaven-Shattering Death Scythe): transforms Komachi's scythe into an extremely long golden blade. This Bankai grants Komachi a greater amount of speed, power, and spiritual energy, and also enhances her manipulation of distance.
Bankai Special Abilities:
  • Enhanced Kyorisōsa: Komachi, now possessing more spiritual pressure, can use her distance manipulation ability to an even greater effect. She is able to throw a Master-class Phantom off with her manipulation ability despite the species' natural resistance to the effect, and is able to throw off any regular Captain of the Gotei 13 with the ability as well. The ability now also blocks opposing Shikai.
  • Chigokukiba (地獄牙, Hell Fang): Komachi gathers reiatsu on the tip of her blade, aims it at the opponent, and shoots it out in the form of a shockwave. This attack takes on a dark red glow and travels through the ground as if it were water. When it hits its target, it will combust into full, mature flames.
  • Enhanced Strength: As aforementioned, the Bankai turns Komachi's power from average to spectacular. She is able to shatter entire planets, such as Earth, that don't consist of reiatsu in a single blow with her sword.
  • Enhanced Speed: As aforementioned, the Bankai boosts Komachi's already spectacular speed into an astounding amount.

Spell Card Edit

Komachi's Spell Cards focus and revolve around illusionary techniques and techniques that swarm the field to take advantage of the opponent's dazed state. For a list of Komachi's Spell Cards, please see these links.