Race Kirby's species
Age 17
Gender Male
Theme V.S. Squashini (link)
Affiliation Good
Occupation Chef
Team Peachy's Force, User Battle Force
Partner KJ
Base of Operations Kirby's House
Primary Skill
Signature Skill Inhale
Abilities Inconsistent
Powers Inspired By Kirby, Kingdom Hearts
Tier Unplaced

If you were looking for the species, see Kirby's species. If you were looking for the canonical Kirby, see Kirby. Otherwise, see Kirby (disambiguation).

Kirby by PeachAndYoshifan1000 is an alternate incarnation of Kirby from a different universe where Peachy's comics take place.

Timeline Edit

Kirby lived the life of the Canonical Kirby from Kirby's Dream Land until Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. As Dark Meta Knight was supposed to slash him into four separate Kirbies, he instead slashed Kirby in two, away to another world (Kirby and Yellow Kirby). With no Kirby to protect the Mirror World, Dark Meta Knight was easily able to defeat both Meta Knight and Shadow Kirby. He then took over the Mirror World with Dark Mind as kings, and set their sights on Dream Land to conquer. However, due to KJ and his friends, Kirby regained the warp star and the copy ability back and saved Popstar, allowing the original Kirby timeline to thrive.

As such, this Kirby is slightly weaker than the canonical Kirby; as he had not fought Dark Nebula, he was never able to use the Triple Star ability, and is not able to use enhanced abilities with copy scrolls, making all of his abilities greatly weaker than the canonical Kirby. As such, this Kirby has no access to the Ghost ability, which is exclusive to copy scrolls. However, to make a small compensation for these handicaps, Peach made this Kirby able to wield any sword and able to use Kingdom Hearts techniques such as Firaga and Blizzaga. However, in the long run, the deprivation of copy scrolls and a final ability hurt this Kirby's powers greatly. However, due to Kirby's last adventure, he regained the copy ability once again.

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats
Stat Quantity
Special Attack
Special Defense
The base stats of Kirby (PAYF1000).

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