This is a list of Katie's copy abilities. Most of them are enhanced versions of Kirby's copy abilities with additional twists added to them.

EX Animal Edit

EX Animal comes with all the features of Kirby's Animal ability with additional features:

  • Giant Claw: If Katie charges the claw swipe attack, the claw becomes much larger and has much greater reach.
  • Earthquake: If the enemy is underground, this attack can strike them with immense power and accuracy. It is a one-hit KO to any weak enemy.

EX Ball Edit

EX Ball is quite a huge improvement over the original Ball ability. While adding no new features, it has greater speed, power, and control; Katie also gains super armor when performing the attack, preventing her from flinching. If she gains enough momentum while using the attack, it becomes a one-hit KO on weaker enemies.

EX Beam Edit

EX Beam comes with all the features of Kirby's Beam ability except with these alterations and additions to its moves:

  • Beam Whip: The Beam Whip now covers a huge distance (approx. 30 km. which equals approximately 18.64114 miles) in addition to its new paralysis effect.
  • Cycle Beam: The Cycle Beam now traps the opponent for eight consecutive hits and has its range boosted greatly.
  • Capture Beam: The Capture Beam is now treated as a Super Smash Bros.-esque grab, meaning Katie can damage the enemy while it is still under her grasp. The Capture Beam also launches the enemy away at a high speed with an explosive effect instead of simply beaming it away.
  • Wave Beam: The Wave Beam has its range boosted immensely and it requires very little charge time. It also takes the shape of a very large cannon-like blast instead of three rotating orbs.
  • Beam Blast: The Beam Blast now does explosive damage and propels Katie further into the air.
  • Jester's Trick: This new attack has Katie throw her Beam rod like a boomerang while still emitting electrical pulses around it.
  • Columned Cycle Beam: This new attack starts off like the Cycle Beam, but the individual orbs gather in the air Final Countdown style and home into the enemy. This attack does explosive damage.

EX Bomb Edit

EX Bomb is largely unchanged except for the bombs' larger blast radius. The ability can also pull out various other explosive objects.

EX Copy Edit

EX Copy is quite a large improvement over the original Copy. The laser emitted from the visor now burns and stuns the enemy. If the enemy possesses an ability that can be copied, EX Copy will drain the ability from the opponent and give it to Katie. EX Copy does not disappear after copying an ability; it can still be accessed at any time, although the power-draining trick only works once per enemy, and only two can be stored at any time. It also possesses a new attack:

  • Homing Power Drain: Katie thrusts her visor into the air, which then homes onto an energy source and drains it.

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